Xhエbition 21。

„The look sets the target of who I want to be“ — The Moment: CHANG13°

how fashion ticks

Fashion designer and performer CHANG13° about gender, not wanting to make a decision and what clothes got to do with it

Writing the introduction to this interview is proving to be the most difficult introduction I ever had to write. Because writing an introduction is about giving a direction. It gives the reader a category, something to hold on to — it tells them what to expect. It is about putting things in boxes.

So I’m trying to do that as little as possible because this piece is about not having to put things into boxes and not having a definite answer for every question.


Which still leaves me with the problem of introducing you to the star of this edition of The Moment — HFT’s new series in which we explore what happens with our identity the moment that we get dressed.

Let’s try a non-exhaustive list of keywords: Chang-Zun-Gabriel-Pierre-Chanel…

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